Kevin was absolutely wonderful. Very patient, kind, and artistic in helping design a three person headstone. It was difficult marking my daughter and husband’s death and the stone turned out beautiful. I could not have chosen a better place than Crone. Thank you so much for getting this task completed.

– Cathy Goodwin

Could Not Have Chosen a Better Place

The monument is beautiful. The family loves it. Just want to say thank you!

– Pat

The Family Loves It

Thank you, Crone Memorial for an amazing job on my brother’s tombstone. Crone memorial made sure my needs where met in a timely manner. The staff was very nice and friendly and went out there way to make sure I received his stone on his 1 year anniversary date.

Phylicia King

Kevin Williams,

Just a note to say thanks for so many things.

Peggy’s headstone is beautiful. Our family is so pleased. I threw many specific details at you and the memorial reflected everything that I wanted and asked for. At every turn, you were patient and honest.

The long lead time was explained in advance, but the wait was worth it. Again, thank you very much.

– John Steffan

The memorial reflected everything that I wanted and asked for.

Wanted to take the time to say how wonderful Jennifer is. No matter how stressed and how many times I called, she was always patient, kind and friendly. Scott took our orders and was very nice as well.

 -Nicole Smith

Jennifer was always patient, kind and friendly.


Thank you very much for the work you put in. I really appreciate it, and it’s good to see everything looking good.

Thank you,
Andrew Doyle


Bronze Flat Marker Doyle

Thank you for the work you put in

I went by the cemetery and everything looked good with the monument.


Mike Geller


Geller Headstone with Jewish Script

Everything looked good!

Scott and Jennifer,

Our family thanks you for all you’ve done for us. The stone is amazing and everyone is very pleased. We very much appreciate it.

-Jim Wilkins

Everyone is Very Pleased!

I am blessed that I will possess Billy’s amazing love for me forever. I am blessed to have gotten you to help me with his headstone so I can proudly mark his grave in honor of who he was!

Thank you!



I can proudly mark his grave in honor of who he was!

My twenty two year old son passed over after a car crash in 2021.

The funeral home had already gouged me for the funeral, and I was advised that Crone Memorials would give me a better price for the headstone.

I did get a good price and outstanding service. They told me it would be 10 to 12 weeks and it was a bit earlier and a beautiful stone that they produced.

I can’t thank Jennifer enough for putting up with my questions & emails; which she answered promptly & professionally.

Hopefully, I never have to, but I would use Crone again.

-Tony Webb

Good Price and Outstanding Service

I just wanted to thank Kevin Williams for showing such kindness and patience during the list of my husband. It was something I never thought I would have to do at such a young age and didn’t understand a lot of the details on what to do. Kevin was very good at explaining everything to me in detail. He never rushed me and told me to take as long as I needed on making a decision. I will definitely refer Kevin Williams! Thank you for all your help during such a hard time.

-Karen Simmerson

I will definitely refer Kevin Williams!

I was extremely pleased with Kevin William’s professionalism, guidance, and assistance throughout the selection of a fitting grave stone for my late husband. He was extremely professional and patient when answering my numerous questions and in addition. Kevin spearheaded the process of securing the Navy Medallion. I recommend Kevin highly for those requiring memorials.

-Jane Scharff

Extremely Professional and Patient

I am grateful to Crone Memorials for being so professional and considerate during this time for my family. I have received many praises on the beauty of this headstone for my mother. My family and I are so appreciative of your willingness to adjust the template to accommodate all of our needs. I will surely recommend this service to everyone in need of a monument that represent the wonderful life of their loved ones.

-Michael Smith

So Professional and Considerate

This looks great. It exceeds all my expectations. I am so pleased. I am so glad I found your company. My children love it also.

Thanks again,
Regina Sesley

Exceeded Expectations

I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful piece than what y’all have done for me. Not just for me but for my daughter Haley. It’s unique in its detailing and there’s none other quite like hers, just like her. She was a very unique, beautiful little girl, no other quite like her. I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for us, I will be forever grateful for you both ♥️.

Thank you again for everything and for being so kind to me.

Melissa Ross.

I will be forever grateful for you both

I recommend Kevin Williams and Crone Memorials for your headstone needs– they worked with me, were reliable, designed what I needed, answered all of my questions, and could not have been more professional and helpful. I highly recommend Crone Memorials. In fact, I have already referred them to another individual who has asked.

-Susan Cohen

I highly recommend Crone Memorials.

Dear Scott,

Thank you so very much for your professional assistance and guidance with selecting the finest, most magnificent Scarborough family monument.

You patiently listened to our wishes and our needs. Then helped by providing us with several options that were appropriate for our long family.

Scott, you were so kind, patient, encouraging, and sensitive during this challenging time.

Thank you again for your help!


Ruth S. Mitchell

So Kind, Patient, Encouraging, and Sensitive

Our neighborhood is so pleased with our beautiful plaque. Kevin Williams is the best! He was very knowledgeable and patient with us in our decision-making process. Thank you, Kevin.

-Linda Babb

Our Neighborhood is so Pleased

I am writing to state how pleased our family is with our headstone. It is just what we wanted and envisioned for the gravesite. We could not be happier with the service and headstone that we received.

Kevin Williams was so instrumental in helping us with our selection. He made suggestions from the ideas that we discussed with him. He completely understood what we were looking for and expecting. Given his knowledge and experience, his recommendations were so helpful.

Kevin gave us a timeframe for the monument and kept us informed during this time. He handled everything with the cemetery as well. Kevin could not have been more kind and considerate during a difficult time and we greatly appreciate his help and expertise.

Thank you so much for everything.


The Family of Peggy Wiseman

Instrumental in Helping Us

Kevin Williams at Crone Memorials was great! He made suggestions and helped with selections after hearing our thoughts about what we wanted. His vast knowledge and experience helped deliver the perfect monument. Our family could not be more pleased.

-Andrea Beck

Could Not Be More Pleased

Hi Kevin,

Just wanted to say thank you for all your work sketches.

We went to Texas last month and saw the monument for the first time. It is perfect.  Thanks again.

-Erich and Cheryl Zimmerman

It is perfect.

Dear Kevin,

Words cannot express our gratefulness in your kind deed. Our family really appreciates everything you have done for our family. May God continue to bless you always.


The Kendrick Family

Words cannot express our gratefulness

They are generous with their time, kind, helpful, patient in helping you decide all the details for your memorial. Stone or metal.

-Lizabeth Dorman

Generous with their Time

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I went out to look at my husband’s headstone and it is perfect. You are amazing, and we love the stone.

-Sheron and Stephanie Anderson

It is perfect!

I visited the cemetery today and was very proud of the monument. Thank you for your guidance.

-Sharon Kustaff

Thank you for your guidance.

Good morning Kevin,

I just love his monument! It is so beautiful and bold. The kids and I were so excited when we saw it on Christmas Day. They were happy and it made them feel good. My husband’s family has said they really love it. One of his aunts even said, “It’s tall and stately just like Gregg was”. I’m glad we added the height. I can’t say thank you enough for all the assistance and patience you gave me.
Again, thank you so much. It was like I was able to breathe again and a load was weighted off me when I saw his monument. It looks great!

-Crystal Ward

Tall and Stately Just like Gregg Was

I appreciate Kevin William’s attention to details, courtesy, and his knowledgeable suggestions for my beloved son’s headstone. His thoughtfulness will never be forgotten. Thank you so much, Kevin.

-Essie Richardson

His thoughtfulness will never be forgotten.

Kevin did a wonderful job with my mother’s headstone. It perfectly matched my father’s from over 40 years ago. Superb service from Crone.

-Chip Valentine

Perfectly matched my father’s from over 40 years ago.

Kevin was a real pleasure to work with. He knows his business and he is very responsive to your needs! All salespeople should be like Kevin!

Thank you very much,

Andy Greenberg

A Real Pleasure to Work With

Thank you Kevin for your thoughtfulness and insight. Your kindness, patience, and care for others shine brightly. Reg’s Memorial is outstanding! Be safe!

-Dan Shields

Kindness, Patience, and Care

You were very kind and thoughtful when we visited Crone Memorials. We had just lost both of our beloved West Highland Terriers, Gatsby and Daisy.

You spent a lot of time with us and you helped us choose the best marker to celebrate both Gatsby and Daisy. They are buried at our farm, and when we see their special marker, we are at peace.

With much gratitude,

Paul and Sue Matthews

We are at peace.

Kevin and the staff were great in a time of uncertainty during the COVID-19 crisis. They took care of my father-in-law’s headstone for his mother flawlessly. It turned out perfect and we are so pleased.

Thank you,

Chris Bennett and Family

Kevin and the staff were great in a time of uncertainty.

A simple phone call to Crone — and Kevin Williams did the rest. Fast, easy, no stress credit card pay, and instructions regarding the inscription of my sister’s death date on existing granite memorial in Elmwood. Thank you, Kevin. You made future referrals easy for me!

-W. Ruth Thomas McGhee

No Stress

My experience at Crone Memorials has been an absolutely refreshing, informative, and surprising joy. Kevin was professional, non-pressuring, and down to earth. I was not expecting to see the sincerity of care that I received. He motivated my grief into memories of joy in honoring my deceased father. It actually has been a joy. Thank you so much and I certainly will be recommending your business.

-Napoleon Richardson II

Sincerity and Motivating

Hello Mr. Scott,

My cousin and his children were so overjoyed with the great news that this task was behind them. God couldn’t have directed me to a better person than you. I hope to do business with you in the future.

-Forrestine Covington

I hope to do business with you in the future.

We recently purchased a marker for a young boy whose grave at Elmwood had remained unmarked for 136 years. Scott was great to work with and all the staff were very professional. Thanks for your assistance in making this happen. The marker looks great!

-Tommy and Beth Wilson

The marker looks great!

During the most devastating time in our lives, Crone Memorial was a guardian angel. Our 14-month-old son passed in December in Michigan. We were relocating to Tennesee and decided to bury him where we were. Kevin made everything about the process easy for me and my family. I will never forget how he paid attention to small details that will help our family continue to heal as we visit our son. Kevin was a true comforter in our time of need. Thank you.

-Sonya Dudley

Crone Memorial was a guardian angel.

For the record, we have used Crone Memorials several times in recent years, most recently earlier this summer. Scott Pioreck, Jennifer Russell and Michael Davis always went above and beyond to provide us with the most sensitive, kind, efficient, and superb service. They communicated clearly, frequently, and promptly – and delivered exactly as promised. I cannot praise their efforts enough. What a wonderful team. Thank you!

-Denise Taylor

Went Above and Beyond

Thank you so much for all your help. Mr. Morris truly appreciates everything as do my wife and me.

-Chris Bennett

Truly Appreciate Everything

When I tell you Mr. Kevin Williams of Crone Monument is the best, he helped me to feel relaxed and comfortable in choosing a headstone for my husband, I wanted my husband’s personality as well as hobby in his headstone because he liked to play golf. We have a picture of him in his swing and swag, well Kevin engraved the picture in his headstone and I have received so many compliments of the uniqueness and beauty of Larry’s headstone. Oh, and did I mention reasonable to your taste and style. I wish I could insert a picture of my husband’s headstone. Thanks, Kevin, And keep up the good work!!!

-Sheron Anderson

Helped me feel relaxed and comfortable.

Mr. Kevin Williams,

My family and I appreciate your kindness when helping us with the headstone for my husband, Eddie Irions. His is beautiful and we shall always appreciate your kindness.

With Appreciation,

The Irions Family, Eddie Jr., Sheila, and Shirley

We shall always appreciate your kindness!


The sign does look fantastic. Thank you so much for a quality job. Outstanding!

-Bob Hale


I’m emailing to give a GREAT BIG thank you to your staff at Crone Memorial. I am so pleased with their services. I had to let you know that you all are highly recommended by me.

-Stephanie Burnette-Winston

Highly Recommended

Thank you, Scott, for your tremendous service to us.

Thank you,

Brulinda Cobb

Tremendous Service

You have really given us something special for our families for Christmas and we appreciate it so much.

Thanks so much and Merry Christmas!

-Heather Perry

Given Us Something Special

The monument looks so good! I can almost feel the “Memphis” of it all.

-F. Ty Edmondson

I can almost feel the “Memphis” of it all.

Thank you for your service. Jennifer is an exceptional person, showering professionalism, friendliness, and courtesy at a very difficult time.

-Elizabeth J Boyd

Jennifer is an Exceptional Person